Stop relying on strangers for travel advice.


What is Hansel?

Hansel is the easiest way to see where you and your friends have traveled on a world map. We make it safe and easy to share your travel history and exchange private recommendations with people you trust.

How easy is Hansel?

So easy. Just invite friends and they get added to your world map when they join. Message your friends directly for recommendations, and let Hansel help you remember and share your favorite places.

Why should I use Hansel over other sites?

Use Hansel along with other sites! Hansel gives you the easiest access to recommendations from trusted friends. It mixes great with sources like Yelp, Culture Trip, and others.

How does Hansel map everything out?

Hansel uses mobile phone data and simplifies it so that it’s safe to share. Your privacy is very important, so we never show your exact travel history to anyone and never sell your data to third parties.

What’s with the name Hansel?

We were inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel to help people share their “breadcrumbs” and draw inspiration from friends. We hope you enjoy it!

What new features are you adding?

We have exciting new features in the works. Shoot us a note at to let us know what would be most helpful for you!